Spider Man Poem: City’s Heroic Spirit

City’s Heroic SpiritIn the city’s tangled web, he swings and soars A hero clad in red and blue, his spirit roars With power and grace, he fights the dark of night His heart ablaze with justice, burning bright He scales the towering walls with nimble ease His spider-sense alert to all that seeks to seize … Read more

Holes Poem: Embracing Imperfections

Embracing ImperfectionsIn the fabric of life, there are holes Like empty spaces in a tapestry of souls They come in all shapes and sizes, big and small Some are jagged edges, some smooth like a ball These holes can be filled with memories and dreams Or left gaping wide, bursting at the seams They hold … Read more

Halloween Acrostic Poem: Enchanted Nightlore

Enchanted NightloreHazy moonlight casts a spell A chill in the air, a tale to tell Lanterns flicker, shadows dance Laughter echoes, a ghostly trance Owls hoot, bats take flight Witches cackle in the night Eerie whispers, secrets untold Ethereal magic, stories unfold Nights like this, when spirits roamCommentary and AnalysisEnchanted Nightlore is a poem that … Read more